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Annual Human Capital Conference
Professional Development Summits
HR Advice Network Roundtable
GMA SHRM Revealed
Networking Events


Annual Human Capital Conference 

Held in May of each year.  Multiple 1 to 1.25 hour sessions that include keynote presentations on emerging HR topics or breakout/concurrent sessions that offer practical tools and strategies for HR practitioners. 
Typical Registration Fee:  $125 for members

Professional Development Summits

Each PDS will offer two sessions and will be held four times a year. This equals to eight educational programs that will be offered in four days. They will start at 8am and the sessions will run one right after the other with a short break in between. You can attend either one (first or second) or attend both! You will be receiving just as much education and only be out of the office four mornings of the year instead of eight.  We will continue to offer quality programming and recertification credits (both HRCI and SHRM) for all of these events. 
Typical program schedule:

  • Program 1 - 8:00am to 10:00am
  • Program 2 - 10:30am to 12:30pm

Typical Registration Fee:  Included in membership dues

HR Advice Network Roundtable

HR Advice Network Roundtables are informal, peer-led discussions facilitated under the auspices of the GMA SHRM Programming Committee. The focus of the roundtables are to support GMA SHRM members who are either HR professionals or individuals who may have HR responsibilities within their organizations.  Members come together to address and discuss their emerging HR challenges, in an open forum format, by sharing information, seeking advice, providing support and tangible resources to one another by exploring best practices.
These Roundtables are designed for those professionals who are interested in sharing their ideas and experiences in a confidential environment. It is expected what members share in these roundtables will stay within the roundtable. We encourage members to exchange business cards and reach out to each other outside of these meetings to expand on the discussions.
These events are free to members.  This is a member benefit; therefore, non-members and guests can not attend.
These events are limited in size due to room availability and size.
If you are interested in attending please RSVP to the appropriate facilitator below based on the location you want to attend. A few details about RSVPing:
  • You can only RSVP 30 days prior to the event to ensure attendance at the event.
  • Registration cut off is 2 days prior to the event, or Friday before if the meeting is Tuesday
  • Due to room size, there is a max attendance at each event
  • Walk-inís are not accepted
We have three roundtables held monthly at three different locations throughout the Madison area. The current meeting schedule is:
Herzing University  
5218 East Terrace Drive
South Central
300 South Bedford Street

1 Erdman Place*
  • Third Tuesday of every month excluding December.
    Due to date conflicts with PDS programs, March and September dates will be moved to these dates:
    • September 24
    • March 26
  • 8:30am-10:00am
  • RSVP to Melissa Chadwick - melissa.chadwick@bakertilly.com
  • Max number of attendees: 25
  • First Thursday of every month excluding December
    There will be no meeting on July 4th
  • 8:30am-10:00am        
  • RSVP to Tracy Niesen Breunig Ė tniesenbruenig@overture.org
  • Max number of attendees: 25
  • Last Wednesday of every month, excluding December
  • 8:30am-10:00am        
  • RSVP to  Dawn Koopman Ė dmkoopman@hotmail.com
  • Max number of attendees: 25
*Enter the main door, walk past the unstaffed reception desk, and continue straight back until you see on your left an open cafeteria area.  Enter the cafeteria and walk straight ahead to the first conference room on your left, marked University Room.
Typical Registration Fee:  Included in membership dues

GMA SHRM Revealed

Are you a new GMA SHRM member or are you a current member looking to get more involved? Come out and join us for GMA Revealed (previously known as our semi-annual member orientation)! Our newly restructured event is designed for all members of GMA SHRM. You will have an opportunity to meet each of our board members, learn about specific GMA SHRM committees and how your involvement can benefit your career. You donít want to miss this opportunity to learn about the great programs, networking opportunities and events that GMA SHRM will offer your future.

Typical Registration Fee:  Included in membership dues



Bring your business cards and prepare to meet other Human Resources Professionals, share a thing or two and feel energized in your job. These structured networking events are designed to have everyone in attendance become more familiar with our community and meet new people!  Appetizers provided along with a cash bar.
Typical Registration Fee:  Included in membership dues however some activities may have minimal cost.  Cash bar.