• GMA SHRM Philanthropic Programs
For 2016 GMA SHRM is proud to partner with Community Partnerships to benefit the HR Profession and support our community.

Why do we partner with Community Partnerships?

Community Partnerships is a nonprofit organization located in Madison, WI that serves individuals, children, and families with mental health issues to be successful in their homes, schools, and communities.  

Their Vision
By 2019, Community Partnerships will be well positioned as a leader in coordinated care for mental health and wellness services. Staff will embody the organizationís values and reflect an integrated approach that puts the client first. Staff and clients will share expectations for service delivery. The organization will have evolved from just being a good partner in Dane County to also framing equitable partnerships throughout the region. It will be well-regarded for its stewardship of resources and its success in nurturing an inclusive and caring work environment that spans multiple physical locations.