GMA SHRM HR Roundtable

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Accommodating an Aging Workforce

February 9, 2011

M3 Insurance

Facilitated by:

Donna Beestman – Founder and President, Career Success Strategies, LLC


Presentation Description


7:30 am




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3113 West Beltline Highway
Madison, WI 53713-2830

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Roundtables are smaller and less formal meetings for GMA SHRM members.

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Presentation Description

As our workforce ages, we in HR are faced with a new set of challenges and opportunities. In this HR Roundtable session, Transition Consultant Donna Beestman will share her thoughts from her experience with transitioning older workers into new roles. She will identify the effects of an aging workforce on our organizations and share ideas on what companies are doing today to accommodate their aging workforces. Roundtable participants will be invited and encouraged to share their thoughts, identify the issues they are dealing with, and explore solutions to these challenges with Donna and others attending this Roundtable. 

In discussions, the group will:
1. Identify the effects of an aging workforce on the organization
2. Identify the vulnerability of your company to the aging US demographic
3. Discuss changing motivators of an older worker
4. Share ideas on what companies are doing to accommodate workforce aging


Donna Beestman – Transition Consultant



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