GMA SHRM HR Roundtable

October 6, 2010
M3 Insurance Building
Madison, WI

Development: It’s More Than Just Sending Someone to a Class!

Facilitated by:

Rhonda Holler, Director of Leadership and Employee Development, Covance
Vicki Kampmeier, SPHR, Director, Human Resources and Administration, TDS

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7:30 am




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M3 Insurance Building

3113 West Beltline Highway
Madison, WI  53713-2830

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Presentation Description

We all know that one of the key engagement factors for employees is development.  So, with cost constraints, lower turnover, and few promotional opportunities, how can companies continue to develop employees? Development is so much more than just sending someone to a class!  

Come hear what TDS and Covance are doing in the way of employee development.   Through lively interactive activities and large group discussions, you will gain ideas on how to more effectively develop your employees!


Rhonda Holler is the Director of Leadership and Employee Development for Covance, a global organization operating in the contract research industry.  She has spent over 15 year serving rapidly growing organizations as they develop leaders capable of delivering upon their strategic goals.  Her current responsibilities include leading a global team of trainers, re-designing the talent review process, implementing senior leader assessment tools, and building the process and tools for accelerating the development of the mid to high level leaders.  Rhonda is passionate about designing and delivering leadership development experiences aligned with the business need and strong in learning application. From the GM Development Journey to Pre-Leadership Development, Rhonda and her global team reaches all levels of leaders with the intention of helping the leaders be "ready now."

Vicki Kampmeier is a results oriented leader with over 20 years of progressive, broad-based management experiences. She currently serves as the Director, Human Resources and Administration for TDS.  Vicki and her team are responsible for collaborating and aligning with stakeholders to attract, develop and retain a highly engaged workforce that delivers business results.  Her passion is around creating a culture and environment where employees can grow and do their best work.   Vicki is a certified Senior Human Resource Professional (SPHR). 



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