GMA SHRM Professional Development Summit

March 15, 2022
Virtual Event


Session 1    8:00-10:00

TEAM - Together Everyone Achieves More


Session 2     10:15-12:15  

Mental Health in the Workplace & Introduction of “The Accommodate in Place Initiative”

Presented By: 
  • Dr. Robert Lemon
  Presented by:  
  • Matt Glowacki

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Session 1

This session encourages diversity and leadership skills, builds confidence, self-esteem, and integrity.  Do you have unresponsive or difficult team members?  Simply changing your approach will affect your success with others.  Your style of coaching has the power to enhance relationships, open lines of communication, improve your credibility, and convey integrity.  Communication, collaboration, cooperation, and coaching, there is no substitute for quality and excellence. Discover ways to connect with others and learn tips for capitalizing on the talents of a diverse work team.  Recognize and respect those whose skills are strong enough to take you where you want to go.  Even to the top, you will gain insight and a clear perspective on your team's effectiveness. 

Participants will learn:   

  • Discover ways to connect with others, learn tips for capitalizing on talents of a diverse team.
  • Teamwork helps most people listen, observe and respond positively without defending their productivity or performance
  • This session encourages diversity and leadership skills, builds confidence, self-esteem, and integrity.

Session 2

In the aftermath of the pandemic, early estimates are predicting the majority of employees will be experiencing challenges resulting from the impacts of apparent and non-apparent disabilities including mental illness concerns.

Embracing these employee’s hardship and validating their newly realized disability identities, are a supportive way to create an inclusive, empathic, and emotionally safe work environment for your team members, while changing the existing work climate and culture to increase employee retention. 

Now is the time to understand what helping our people looks like.  Attend this presentation and learn what works and which tools and policies we can access to solve one of the greatest challenges to our workforce in our lifetime.   

Participants will learn:
  • Your attendees will better understand how the stigma of mental illness and disability prevents people from talking about what they are going through. 
  • Your chapter’s members will be given resources to help them design appropriate ADA compliant accommodations for their workers.
  • Your audience will learn how to facilitate empathetic conversations with their employees to help uncover hidden challenges they might experiencing.

Dr. Robert Lemon is an award-winning national speaker and author.
Nominated and awarded by Legacy Magazine, published in the Miami Herald honored 
as one of "South Florida's Most Powerful and Influential Business Leaders" of 2018.
In 2017, he was presented a Certificate of Special Congressional Recognition. U.S. Representative Frederica S. Wilson. Florida's 24 Congressional District recognized his outstanding and invaluable service to the community. 

Named a Man of Prominence, Power and Prestige by a Miami newspaper, Robert is a speaker who teaches others to take responsibility for their lives. As a leading corporate, government speaker, he combines the ageless tool of storytelling with a profound understanding of today’s culture and highest ideals. Utilizing a keen sense of humor and heartwarming charm, he effortlessly elevates and energizes his audiences to pursue their dreams.  Dr. Lemon has been the Keynote Speaker and Trainer for numerous SHRM Events.  Including KYSHRM, HR Florida , SHRMJAX, Big Bend SHRM , Sarasota SHRA, Fayetteville NC SHRM and the National SHRM Student Conference.

Awarded Advantage Media / Forbes Books 2011 Author of the Year for his book “Now Is Your Time,” Robert also co-authored the best-selling book “Multiple Streams of Inspiration” with Jack Canfield, author of ”Chicken Soup for the Soul,”  with forewords by Les Brown and Zig Ziglar. Robert has over 35 years corporate experience from the U S Postal Service and U S Air Force. He’s been mentored and shared the platform with Les Brown, Dr. Willie Jolley and Simon T. Bailey. Robert is a member of the National  Speakers Association and earned his Doctorate Degree in Religious Education from JBTS Seminary.
Matt Glowacki was born in 1973 in Janesville, Wisconsin. His birth drew attention because even though he was healthy, he was born without legs. In his professional career as a disability speaker and advocate, he has delivered his messages to over a million people at hundreds of regional and national conventions along with two sitting presidents of the United States. 

In addition to presenting at a variety of corporate events, Matt serves as the chair of the Jefferson County HR Management Association’s Diversity and Inclusion committee. He is also a member of the State of Wisconsin’s Partners in Policy Making for People with Disabilities Council, and has been selected for and served on the State of Wisconsin on the Governor’s Rehabilitation Council over the Department of Vocational Rehabilitation, the Wisconsin Easter Seal’s State Board, and the University of Wisconsin- Whitewater’s College of Arts and Communication Dean’s Advisory Board. 
 Matt was a member of the US Paralympic Sitting Volleyball Team for eight years.  While playing matches in 26 countries, he competed in the 2000 Paralympic Games in Sydney, Australia, and in the World Championships in Cairo, Egypt in 2002.
 In 2017, he published his first book, Able-Bodied Like Me.  Reviewed by Kirkus as a, “Perceptive discussion of disability and bias.”
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  • Session 2 
10:15am to 12:15pm

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