GMA SHRM Professional Development Summit

March 19, 2019
Alliant Energy Center


Session 1:  Conscious Leadership = Employee Retention + Improved Engagement!


Session 2:  People Analytics: Adding Some Crunch to your Soft Skills    

Presented By:   Suzanne Qualia,  MBA, ACC

  Presented by:  Dan Ritter and Steve Utech, Illumyx

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Session 1

On-going research indicates that people don’t leave their job, they leave their boss!  Gallups’ engagement needle hasn’t moved much since 2001, despite research and knowledge that stronger leadership holds the key to improving engagement.  Why the lack of improvement? Because the typical solutions have addressed only a portion of the problem.  Yes, changing key workplace practices and offering leadership competency training is important, but it’s that AND cultivating conscious leadership. It’s about developing conscious leaders who are Purpose driven, Presence powered and People focused.  This interactive session will examine each of these facets of conscious leadership and provide insights to the process, models and tools to get there.

Participants will learn:
  • Understand the key components of conscious leadership – purpose driven, presence powered and people focused.
  • Gain exposure to and start to practice with the tools to create purpose, deepen presence and improve people focus (listening and feedback skills!).
  • Initiate the planning process for your organization in terms of creating a performance driven culture, improved engagement and a “destination workplace

Session 2

When trying to get a handle on retention trends in your organization, what variables should be taken into consideration? Employee engagement metrics? Performance review scores? There are plenty to choose from… some predictive models use more than 50 unique variables to assess turnover risks! It’s no wonder that many of us feel overwhelmed when starting to integrate data into people processes such as hiring, onboarding and retention.

In this session we will provide a broad overview of what people analytics (PA) is and we’ll share a general framework you can apply to make better decisions at any stage of talent lifecycle management.

Participants will:         
  • Understand what people analytics is and how to build a business case for it in your organization
  • Understand what you need to start your people analytics journey
  • Think through steps of how to strategically build your people analytics team
  • Work through a practical example of how to apply people analytics to retention
  • Discover the essential ingredient to a successful people analytics initiative
Suzanne Qualia,  MBA, ACC, is passionate about helping organizations become destination workplaces where employees thrive!  Prior to launching her Leadership Coaching and Team Facilitation practice in 2012, she held executive leadership roles for several Fortune 500 companies and through those experiences, became aware of and  passionate about the need for greater leadership effectiveness.   To augment her vision and passion, she completed formal coaching studies with CTI (Coaches Training Institute) and the Center for Executive Coaching along with becoming certified in three team facilitation tools designed and developed by research experts in the fields of neuroscience of change as well as engagement and culture shift. 

Dan Ritter is the Culture Analytics Lead at illumyx, using data to help clients understand how teams get work done and how to optimize organizational culture. Dan is a former logistics manager who led operations from last place rankings to top of class. He attributes this success to a combination of metric-based performance analysis and intentionally cultivating a workplace experience that emphasized autonomy and positivity.

Steve Utech’s background in the hard sciences and family dynamics inspired him to combine data and people as he entered the field of culture development 10 years ago.  An entrepreneur at heart, he has spent the past 5 years developing illumyx, giving companies means to objectively measure and improve their culture.
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