GMA SHRM Professional Development Summit

September 18, 2018
Alliant Energy Center


Session 1:  The Legal and Practical Impact of the Opioid Crisis on the Workplace


Session 2:  The Impacts of Domestic Violence on the Workplace

Presented By:   
  • Brian Goodman, Boardman & Clark Law Firm
  • Captain Cory Nelson, Madison Police Department
  • Captain Joe Balles, Madison Police Department Retired
  Presented by:  Brandi de la Rosa, E3inspire

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Session 1:  The Legal and Practical Impact of the Opioid Crisis on the Workplace

Session 2:  The Impacts of Domestic Violence on the Workplace

The opioid crisis provides a myriad of challenging legal and practical dilemmas for HR professionals.   Failing to understand the law in this area could result in lawsuits, damage to workplace morale, and the loss of potentially viable employees and applicants. 
Brian’s portion of the program will analyze the challenging legal issues presented at each crucial stage of the employment “life cycle” and provide key strategies for navigating safely through the legal labyrinth surrounding these issues.
Then, Captain Nelson and Joe Balles, will present information on the Madison Addiction Recovery Initiative (MARI program) that strives to provide quicker access for treatment to people addicted to opiates who are committing low-level property crimes and who may have simple possession charges. Captain Nelson and Joe Balles will also discuss opiate abuse statistics in the Madison area.

Learning objectives:
  • The applicability of employment laws to the opioid epidemic including disability, medical leave, and arrest and conviction discrimination laws.
  • The difference in state and federal law regarding accommodating employees suffering from drug abuse issues, including the interaction of the FMLA with state and federal disability discrimination laws.
  • The extent to which opioid addiction impacts the lives of employees, businesses, and the community.
  • The community resources, programs, options, and tools for helping employees facing addiction issues.
1 in 4 women and 1 in 7 men are impacted by domestic violence.  Domestic violence not only affects the employee, it can also result in massive losses for the company.  It’s estimated that more than 1.75 million workdays are lost each year to domestic violence and that victims lose nearly 8 million days of paid work a year—more than 32,000 full-time jobs combined. That loss of productivity comes with a huge price tag. Missed workdays and decreased productivity, along with increased health and safety costs, results in a loss of $8.3 billion annually to companies nationwide.

Don’t miss this program, where Brandie will discuss violence prevention & intervention in the workplace including the importance of trauma-informed care and risk mitigation. She will also cover corporate-social responsibility, policies and procedures, federal and local laws, and obligations according to OSHA.

Participants will learn:
  • The true cost of Domestic Violence on a business.
  • How to improve the mental wellness of their staff through effective support.
  • How to implement a Risk Mitigation Program via Policy and Procedure  development.
Brian P. Goodman, is an attorney and a member of the school law and labor and employment practice groups of Boardman & Clark LLP. Prior to attending law school, Mr. Goodman was a music teacher in Illinois and received his Master’s degree in educational administration from Northern Illinois University. He uses his experience as an educator to assist school districts and employers on a wide range of legal issues and is a frequent presenter on education and employment law matters. He graduated from the University of Wisconsin Law School, magna cum laude and was elected to the Order of the Coif. Mr. Goodman currently serves on the board of directors for the Greater Madison Area Society for Human Resource Management as the Director of Professional Development Summits.

Captain Cory Nelson is currently in his 29th year of employment with the Madison, Wisconsin Police Department and serves as a Captain of the West District, the largest district in the City. He began his career in patrol for 9 years in a variety of positions; he then went on to serve as a narcotics and violent crime detective for 14 years. As a Lieutenant, he was the Officer in Charge of Third Detail for the City then went on to be Commander of the Professional Standards and Internal Affairs Unit. He then was then assigned to the Investigative Services Unit and served as the Assistant Team Commander for the SWAT team.
He is currently serving as Scholar in the Law Enforcement Advancing Data and Science (LEADS) program through the National Institute of Justice.  There are 10 officers each year across the country selected to take part in this 3-year program, which involves participating in various national law enforcement related discussions.
Cory lead the effort in 2017 to secure a $700,000 federal Smart Policing Grant to start up an initiative called the Madison Addiction Recovery Initiative or MARI for short.  This is in direct response to the skyrocketing heroin overdose statistics in Madison rising over 250% over the past 3 years.   This idea involves offering the chance for treatment in lieu of criminal prosecution in low-level property crime offenses and possession charges.
Captain Joe Balles retired from the City of Madison, WI Police Department in January 2016, after completing a thirty two plus year career. Captain Balles earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Criminal Justice from the University of Wisconsin-Platteville (1983), and a Master’s Degree in Public Affairs from the La Follette Institute of Public Policy at the University of Wisconsin-Madison (1988). Captain Balles is also a graduate of the prestigious F.B.I. National Academy (2006).   Since his retirement, Captain Balles has also been busy in retirement providing safety and security related technical assistance to various police departments and the Madison Metropolitan School District. In March 2017, Captain Balles and Safe Communities of Madison-Dane County were selected by the City of Madison as the vendor to provide project coordinator services for the MPD's Madison Area Recovery Initiative (or MARI). This new and innovative approach to addiction seeks to build a system whereby MPD police officers are be able to facilitate direct assessment and treatment referrals for opiate and heroine addicted individuals they encounter on calls for service or through investigation.

Brandie de la Rosa holds a degree in Computer Science & Psychology. She worked 21 years in Corporate within the IT industry. She is a Domestic Violence Survivor & decided to turn her pain into productivity. Brandie vowed to become a Change Agent for communities. She decided to launch her own company, E3 Inspire, that brings much needed resources to victims in the place they spend most of their time and that is at work.
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