GMA SHRM Professional Development Summit

January 19, 2016
Alliant Energy Center


Session 1:  Equity in the Workplace - Bias in Recruiting and Retention


Session 2:  Rethinking Recruiting

Presented By:   Sara Alvarado from Step Up, Equity Matters
  Presented by:  George Blomgren, Director of Culture Strategy, The Good Jobs
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Session 1:  
Equity in the Workplace - Bias in Recruiting and Retention

Session 2:  
Rethinking Recruiting

During this workshop the Step Up team will address equity in the workplace by focusing on changing our minds and attitudes. Participants we’ll learn about their own biases and the impact these biases have in recruiting and retention. We will demonstrate that recruitment and retention processes contain biases of the majority and provide tools to challenge assumptions and processes. Participants will be challenged to practice conversations that challenge assumptions and build lasting relations that improve retention.

Participants will learn:
  • What biases may we hold that we are not aware of.
  • How these biases impact employee recruiting and retention
  • How to challenge assumptions and build lasting relationships to improve 
The War For Talent is going to get considerably worse before it gets better, and the recruiting tactics that worked for the last few years have already worn thin. In this thought provoking presentation, George will challenge us to rethink some of our most basic recruiting practices and assumptions.

Participants will learn:
  • Forget about job postings and sourcing. It’s all about talent attraction.
  • Why it’s time to stop looking for technical skills and experience.
  • Retention is the new recruiting.
  • Why you need to stop recruiting & turn your employees into recruiters.
  • How big data has discredited some of our most common “sacred cow” beliefs.
Sara Alvarado is an entrepreneur, speaker, writer and a change agent in Madison WI. Sara and her husband, Carlos, lead a successful real estate business, the Alvarado Real Estate Group and a thriving bilingual/bicultural family. Their boutique real estate brokerage creates a unique environment and a culture of abundance and service while providing a strong team of real estate expertise for families in need of real estate guidance. Sara believes in being real, raw, bold, vulnerable and a lot of fun, while tackling difficult topics and leading from the heart. A native of Madison, WI, Sara is committed to creating a vibrant and strong community for everyone through her leadership and her passion for equity. She is a named founder and past board member of Nuestro Mundo Community School and Badger Rock Middle School, is one of the 40 under 40 for InBusiness Magazine (2013), and has served on the local Realtor Association Board, Sustain Dane’s Board and is an active member of Dane Buy Local. In his role at The Good Jobs, George helps employers define, refine and leverage their culture and employment brand to attract and retain talent. Previously, George was the Recruiting Solutions Director for MRA - The Management Association, where he launched an extremely successful dedicated recruiting team serving MRA’s 3,000+ members. Prior to that, George was part of the leadership team at the country’s fastest growing network of local job boards, including George is a nationally syndicated podcaster and blogger, and a popular speaker on talent acquisition, social media and technology

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  • Session 1
8:00am to 10:00am
  • Session 2 
10:30am to 12:30pm

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